Building Community Together Team

Daphne Francis – Stockfield Community Association

I am really excited to be representing the Association and being part of the Building Community Together Partnership.

Since 2005 I have been working with Stockfield Community Association helping them to realise their mission to work with the residents to achieve a self-supporting community living in high-quality houses in a pleasant and safe environment.

I have a background in housing management and am inspired by a passion for individuals and organisations to reach their full potential, this passion is underpinned by 30+ years of private and public sector experience in delivering services that engage, involve, empower and develop people and places.

Nicola Toms – Arts In The Yard

Hello, I am Nicola one of the managers at Arts In The Yard.  I have worked with Arts In The Yard for around 5 years.  

Arts In The Yard is the Local Arts Forum for Yardley Constituency. We are passionate about our local neighbourhoods. We use art and creativity, in their widest and most broadest sense, to foster community development and cohesion.

I am passionate about Acocks Green, I lived her for 13 years and was a little heartbroken to leave.  But I still live locally and love working with all of the area’s community groups and residents.

Emma Payne – Birmingham PlayCare Network

Hi, my name is Emma Payne and I am the Business Development Manager at Birmingham PlayCare Network.

BPCN is an organisation that is passionate about promoting the right to play amongst young and old.

I have two children and have lived and worked in Birmingham for most of my life.  I am familiar with the area. I have fond memories of shopping in the Old Swan Market with my Mum and Nan. 

We also run the Scrapstore Birmingham. The Scrapstore is all about reducing waste to landfill, and provides projects in Birmingham with some wonderful resources. I look forward to seeing many of you at future events.

Stockfield Community Association


Our mission is to work with the residents of the Stockfield estate to achieve a self-supporting community living in high-quality houses in a pleasant and safe environment.

We are an innovative community organisation and a registered charity. We own and manage 121 properties on the Stockfield estate in Birmingham, England. We engage with all the residents of the Stockfield estate and with the wider community to achieve a self-supporting community living in high-quality houses in a pleasant and safe environment.

In 2012 SCA created an unincorporated Multi Agency Group (MAG) to connect different partners, share learning and build collaboration. The reduction of statutory funding, have left community based organisations struggling to deliver activities to residents as previously.

SCA, although primarily a landlord, works hard with partners, investing in the community to fulfil its mission statement:

To work with the residents of the Stockfield Estate and wider area to achieve a self-supporting Community living in high quality homes in a pleasant and safe environment

SCA is a well-established organisation with considerable experience in developing and managing projects such as the redesign and rebuilding of the Stockfield estate. 

SCA uses an exciting, innovative model of resident led regeneration and is one of only two such organisations in Birmingham. The rebuilding of properties was completed in 1998 and the significant resident involvement in the running of Stockfield was a revolutionary development.

Arts in the Yard

Arts In The Yard is the Local Arts Forum for Yardley district. It is a grassroots arts and community organisation, steered by a resident led management committee and set up to foster community development and community cohesion. We believe every resident should have equal access to the wealth and opportunities the arts and culture can offer. We work across the district of Yardley using arts, in its broadest and most diverse forms, as a vehicle for change. Arts In the Yard receives funding and support from the city wide umbrella organisation No. 11 Arts and Birmingham City Council.

Arts In The Yard has worked in Acocks Green for nearly five years, supporting local groups with new pieces of public art, creating and delivering community events and establishing Green Beats, an intergenerational samba band. In 2018 we delivered a Big Lottery Funded Awards 4 All project called Community of Work Skills (COWS) focusing on volunteers, re-use and up-cycling and compiling the work history of residents. In 2019 we delivered a Big Lottery Funded Awards 4 All Project called WOYU! (Women of Yardley Unite!) a women’s empowerment programme seeking to find and support the next generation of female leaders for Yardley. This programme also aims to support Asian/Muslim women in particular.

Birmingham PlayCare Network

BPCN are a registered charity passionate about promoting both the importance of play and high-quality play opportunities for children and young people. BPCN utilises spaces in parks to provide quality play provision for children and young people.

BPCN has been delivering the Stockfield Play in Parks project over the last 5 years on Stockfield Park. Play in Parks is an open access play provision based in the green spaces and parks around Birmingham. The purpose of Play in Parks is to encourage children to play in the

green spaces around by where they live, building confidence of children and parents by having playworkers on site in the park. The playworkers provide a range of different activities for the children in the park from team games to arts and crafts, den building, campfires and wide games. The aim of the scheme is for children to feel confident to return and use the park after the playworkers have left.

The intergenerational project, Making Memories Sharing Memories, is a scheme that has run in partnership between BPCN and SCA. It captures play memories of residents aged over 50 and those memories are then recorded and shared with others including local children.

BPCN also run the Scrapstore Birmingham. The Scrapstore is a community resource bank that takes in clean business waste and upcycles it for a whole range of different activities. These may predominantly be for craft and arts engagement.The main aim of scrap stores is to reduce waste to landfill sites; however the items donated by businesses are often fantastic for crafting and also make great play environments.